Good Trader:


Pablo received:
2003.07.15, Dream Theater, Baltimore, Maryland, USA (SHN, 3 CDs)  Grateful Dreams Remaster "Dreams Of Queens"
2006.03.26, Dream Theater, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA (FLAC, 2 CDs) Grateful Dreams "Octasbury"
2009.08.07, Dream Theater, Asbury Park, New Jersey, USA (FLAC, 3 CDs) Grateful Dreams "Assberries"
xxxx.xx.xx, Dream Theater, XXSS - 20th Anniversary Super Set (FLAC, 6 CDs)
xxxx.xx.xx, Dream Theater, Expressing Thought - Train of Thought Super Set (FLAC, 6 CDs)

DVD Video
2009.07.26, Dream Theater, Clearwater, Florida, USA, 2 DVDs, AUD, Master (sfcrackpipe/MaidenColorado)
2009.08.09, Dream Theater, New York, New York, USA, 1 DVD, AUD, Master (NYC Bitch Committee)
2009.10.18, Dream Theater, Frankfurt, Germany 1 Dual Layer DVD, PAL (Stoeff)

I received:
8/23/1993 Japan Tour '93 - Soundboard Master Series Vol. 4 (Tokyo, Japan) 2CD
10/26/1995 Osaka, Japan [Osaka remaster (JSR DT-030218)] 2CD
10/30/1995 Tokyo Remaster (JSR DT-030129) 2CD
12/27/1995 Home For The Holidays Volume 1 (2CD SHN)     
12/28/1995 Home For The Holidays Volume 2 (2CD SHN)     
12/29/1995 Home For The Holidays Volume 3 (2CD SHN)     
12/30/1995 Live in New London - New London, CT (SHN) 2CD
12/4/1996 Preview of Infinity Chapter I 2CD
12/5/1996 Preview Of The Infinity Chapter II (Long Island, NY) (2CD SHN)     
12/6/1996 Live at Toad's Place - Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA (2CD SHN)   
12/12/1996 The Fix For '96, Providence, RI 2CD
11/1/1997 A Nightmare After Halloween GDT-R71 2CD
12/13/1997 Fasten Your Seatbelts - Roxy - Boston - USA (AUD) 2CD
5/8/1998 Irving Plaza, NYC (2CD FLAC)     
12/30/1998 5 Days In A Livetime GDT R-08 3CD
1/31/2000 First On The Scene GDT R-21 2CD
5/16/2000 Medley And Memory In Japan GDT-R44 2CD
10/21/2000 Metropolis 2000 Tour - Final Show (London, UK) (3CD SHN)     
11/3/2002 Six Degrees Of Damnation GDT R-70 3CD
4/3/2004 Eat My Ass and Cello, Theater at MSG, New York, NY 3CD
9/5/2004 Sgt. Portnoy's Progressive Hard Rock Band GDT-R35 3CD
7/24/2005 Crushings Balls GDT-R48 2CD
7/28/2005 Under a Diego Moon GDT-R49 1CD
8/2/2007 Blind to the Lines GDT-R91 2CD
8/21/2007 Eternal Night In Boston GDT-R95 2CD
10/9/2007 Rotterdamaged GDT-R108 2CD
11/11/2007 Eruption In The UK GDT-R96 2CD
1/26/2008 The Number Of The Upside-Down Beast GDT-R99 2CD

3/10/2006 In The Valley of Steel GDT-RV06 2DVD