This is a list of all the people I have traded with.


Good Traders

Username Real Name Location Trades Website E-mail Details
Dave J United States 1 View
giannis Greece 1 View
Matt Smith United States 1 View
Pablo Argentina 4 View
Tarik Turkey 1 View
13021969 Norbert Germany 1 Website View
Ace15121964 Remko The Netherlands 2 Website View
Alexander2010 Alex Canada 3 View
alivejam Nilton Peru 1 Website View
blacker Igor Slovakia 2 View
Blackstar Piero S. Australia 1 Website View
Bluefalcon Adam Canada 2 Website View
bobmetallicafreak Bob Australia 1 Website View
budrudnik Jeff R. United States 1 View
DamageInc777 Ron United States 3 Website View
denial Jorge Spain 1 Website View
dokkendude Mike D United States 1 Website View
Dreamrafa Rafael S. Venezuela 1 View
ELBAAMRANI Karim France 1 Website View
feelgood Patrick The Netherlands 2 Website View
harvester84 Damian B. Poland 1 View
hellawaits77 Nick United States 1 Website View
het2006 Christop Austria 1 View
jcfuel JC Peru 2 Website View
King_Nothing Shawn Canada 4 Website View
koopee27 KP Finland 3 Website View
leighton Leighton Australia 1 Website View
Metallenko Venko Bulgaria 1 Website View
Metfan72 Paul Canada 3 Website View
Mika Mika Canada 5 View
Motherboy Keith United States 1 View
Nicedreams89 Brian United States 2 View
norbinho Bernd Austria 1 Website View
Pasha Musa Russia 1 Website View
pimpachu2001 Ed H. United States 1 Website View
rcsguy664 Rich S. United States 1 View
SCHULZI69 Herve France 1 View
Sixth Svet P. Canada 1 View
sjmike Mike United States 1 Website View
SRC Camilo United States 1 Website View
Stefan Stefan Germany 4 View
swervncarz Bob United States 1 Website View
sybrmacdvds Dave M. United States 1 Website View
thomasbiglow Thomas G. Ireland 1 View
traderktulu Heiko Germany 1 Website View
unforgiven JW The Netherlands 1 Website View
uoho Santos Spain 8 Website View
Vincent Vincent E Belgium 1 View
WVMonster Tim F. United States 1 Website View

Bad Traders

I haven't met any bad traders yet. Don't be the first!