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Dream Theater
April 16, 2002
Miel Parque Hall
Fukoka, Japan
World Tourbulence - Asian Leg

Disc 1:
The Grass Prison
Strange Deja Vu
Burning My Soul '96
Another Hand/ The Killing Hand
The Great Debate

Disc 2:
Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence:
   I. Overture (Orchestra-only intro tape)
  II. About To Crash
 III. War Inside My Head
  IV. The Test That Stumped Them All
   V. Goodnight Kiss
  VI. Solitary Shell
 VII. About To Crash (Reprise)
VIII. Losing Time/ Grand Finale 
The Spirit Carries On
Learning to Live

This is the recording of the forth night for World Tourbulence Asian leg (4/12-4/23/2002) at Fukuoka, Japan, at a southern island Kyushu (nine province). The show itself was shortest in this leg and the length is about 135 mins. Particularly it's very rare that they play neither Home nor Pull Me Under on the first half of World Turbulence shows. Maybe the band tired by the long
distance move... I don't know it would be the proof for this, John Petrucci made many mistakes during the show and on The Test That Stumped Them All, he skipped about a minute of the song and the rest of the members fell into disorder... funny :-P

The original discs was released in late April, 2002, after only a week from the show and it was the last release for succeeded release of Japanese leg shows from Sylph label. It cames CDR even in original release with all clear jewel case for two discs.

The recording made with DAT recorder and sound quality is not bad, but not excellent due to a bit compressed and distant sound. But can listen to all the instruments and maybe you can feel the hot atmosphere at the small venue.

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2 CDs
Sylph SP-41602346
Audience DAT Master
Original Silvers > WAV > SHN
138 min