Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
January 14, 1998
Koseinenkin Hall
Osaka, Japan

A Clockwork Orange (intro tape)/
Lines in the Sand intro/
Lines in the Sand
Burning My Soul/
Under a Glass Moon
guitar solo (incl. pre-SFaM phrases)
Peruvian Skies
keyboard solo/
A Crack in the Mirror/
Puppies on Acid/
ACoS II. Innocence/
Just Let Me Breathe
Hollow Years (electric version w/extended intro w/small drum kit) (intro only)
Speak to Me (w/small drum kit)
Pull Me Under (false)
Pull Me Under
Scarred >
ACoS III. Carpe Diem (ending only)/
ACoS IV. The Darkest of Winters/
The Ytse Jam (incl. drum solo, w/audience participation)

Disc 3:
encore break
Trial of Tears
Metropolis Part 1 (w/ extended jam section and The Trooper (Iron Maiden))/ Under a Glass Moon (lounge version: outro tape) (cut)

Live in Japan 1998 box set - Part 6

There's Nothing Left

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1 CD
JS Remaster
1st gen. MD MD copy of audience MD master
traded MD > cdr (w/DENON CDR-100 stand-alone CDR burner) > .wav (EAC) > Remaster (Sound Studio/Peak) > .wav > track split (CDWave) > .flac (Level 8)
65 mins