Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
February 11, 2017
Mitsubishi Electric Halle
Düsseldorf, Germany
Images, Words & Beyond 25th Anniversary Tour

Disc 1:
Intro - The Colonel 
The Dark Eternal Night
The Bigger Picture
Hell's Kitchen
The Gift Of Music
Our New World
Portrait Of Tracy (Jaco Pastorius) (bass solo)
As I Am (w/ excerpt of Enter Sandman (Metallica))
Breaking All Illusions
Disc 2:
Intro - Happy New Year 1992
Pull Me Under
Another Day (w/ extended outro w/ Jordan Rudess solo)
Take The Time (extended outro w/ John Petrucci solo)
Metropolis Pt. 1: The Miracle And The Sleeper (w/ drum solo)
Under A Glass Moon
Wait For Sleep (w/extended keyboard intro)
Learning To Live (w/extended outro w/ Jordan Rudess/John Petrucci double solo)
encore break
Disc 3:
A Change Of Seasons

3 CDs
HD Audience Master
Church Audio CA14 cardioids > CA 9100 pre-amp > Sony M10 (24-bit/96kHz)
WAV > Adobe Audition CS6 (mastered and downsampled to 16/44.1) > CDwav > Traders Little Helper > FLAC (level 8)
167 mins