Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
June 30, 1993
The Orpheum
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Music In Progress - 3rd American Leg

Disc 1:
Metropolis Pt I
Under A Glass Moon
A Fortune In Lies
Wait For Sleep/
Puppies On Acid/
Take The Time

Disc 2:
To Live Forever (w/ Within You Without You (Beatles))/ extended jam outro/
drum solo
Status Seeker (w/ new intro)
Another Day
Pull Me Under
Learning To Live

Metropolis is patched at 3:46 from March 4, 1993.

GDT-R079 - IW@WI

Cover Artwork Preview
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2 CDs
Grateful Dreams
1st Generation Maxell XLII Cassettes
Mark Balogh
99 min