Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
November 4, 2002
Hall Omnisports
Pentange, Luxembourg
World Tourbulence - 3rd European Leg

Disc 1:
The Glass Prison
Burning My Soul [original 96 version] [Ass & Balls version]
Through My Words / Fatal Tragedy [Ass & Balls version]
Peruvian Skies
     I. The Dance of Eternity
    II. Metropolis Pt.1
   III. Erotomania
    IV. The Dance of Eternity
     V. Metropolis Pt.1
    VI. A Change of Seasons
   VII. Ytsejam
  VIII. The Dance of Eternity
    IX. Paradigm Shift
     X. Universal Mind
    XI. The Dance of Eternity
   XII. Hell's Kitchen
The Spirit Carries On

Disc 2:
Overture [orchestra only - intro tape]
About to Crash
War Inside My Head
The Test That Stumped Them All
Goodnight Kiss
Solitary Shell
About to Crash (reprise)
Losing Time/Grand Finale
Happy Birthday to Jordan
Learning To Live
Jordan's guitar solo

46 Years of Jordan Turbulences

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2 CDs
Julien Van Epson
137 min