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Dream Theater
June 9, 1990
Bayshore, Long Island, New York, USA
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Instrumental >
Creep with Tonality [working title for Learning to Live] [instrumental]
Yetsejam [w/ drum solo]
A Change of Seasons [instrumental]
Metropolis Part I >
A Fortune in Lies
The Killing Hand

Only show to feature Steve Stone on vocals.  He was fired after the show.

Screaming For Me Long Beach

Cover Artwork Preview
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1 CD
JS Remaster
Unknown Gen Cassette Tape
Unknown gen. cassette tape > CDR (DENON D-100 stand-alone CDR burner) > WAV (EAC secure mode) > remaster (Sound Studio/Peak) > WAV > Track Split (CDWave) > FLAC (dBpowerAMP)
68 min