Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
April 1, 2004
Orpheum Theater
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Disc 1:
Band History video (intro tape) (fade in)
As I Am
The Mirror/The Mirror (reprise)
Beyond This Life (w/ extended improv section)
Hollow Years (w/ extended guitar solo)
Caught in a Web
Endless Sacrifice

Disc 2:
Light Fuse and Get Away
Trial of Tears
The Glass Prison
This Dying Soul
Another Day

Disc 3:
Stream of Consciousness
In the Name of God
Dead Poets Society (intro tape)
A Change of Seasons:
   I. The Crimson Sunrise
  II. Innocence
 III. Carpe Diem
  IV. The Darkest of Winters
   V. Another World
  VI. The Inevitable Summer
 VII. The Crimson Sunset

GDT-R30 - Light Fuse and Cue LaBrie

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3 CDs
Grateful Dreams
Scott Hansen
179 min