Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
February 9, 2000
The Fillmore
Denver, Colorado, USA

Disc 1:
Laura Palmer's Theme (intro tape)/ Regression
Overture 1928/
Strange Deja Vu/
Through My Words/
Fatal Tragedy
Beyond This Life/
guitar solo/Through Her Eyes

Disc 2:
The Dance of Eternity/
keyboard solo/
The Dance of Eternity (cont.)/
One Last time
The Spirit Carries On/
Finally Free
Peruvian Skies/
Dr. Evil's Theme/
Paradigm Shift (LTE)
When Images And Words Unite:
   I. Pull Me Under/
  II. Under a Glass Moon/
 III. A Fortune in Lies/ IV. Only a Matter of Time/
   V. Take the Time

A Night At The Fillmore

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2 CDs
Blue Fish/ Cochese Archives
113 min