Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
January 24, 1995
Urawa-shi Bunka Kaikan
Saitama, Japan

Disc 1:
Little Green Bag/Wake Up! (intro tape)/ Pull Me Under
Take the Time (w/ extended keyboard solo)
Caught in a Web (w/ drum solo including samples)
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
Awake jam

Disc 2:
keyboard solo
A Crack in the Mirror/
The Mirror/
Happy Birthday, John Myung
Another Day
A Mind Beside Itself:
   I. Erotomania
  II. Voices
 III. The Silent Man
Metropolis Part I

Band and audience sing happy birthday to John Myung between Lie and Another Day. Also had a moment of silence in respect for those who died in the Japan earthquake between Voices and The Silent Man. This is the only Awake show that they didn't extend Metropolis due to limited time for the broadcast. The entire show was broadcast on Japanese Pay-Per-View.

Wake Up!

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2 CDs
Why Not
107 min