Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
December 29, 1995
Birch Hill Nite Club
Old Bridge, New Jersey, USA

Disc 1:
Little Green Bag/
Wake Up! (intro tape)
Puppies on Acid/
Take the Time (w/ new keyboard/guitar doubled intro)
Caught in a Web/
Intro to Lifting Shadows (w/ new extended intro)
Lifting Shadows Off a Dream
Covers Medley: I. The Rover (Led Zeppelin)/ II. Killers (Iron Maiden)/ III. Damage Inc. (Metallica)/ IV. In The Flesh? (Pink Floyd)/ V. Heart of the Sunrise (Yes)

Disc 2
A Change of Seasons
   I. The Crimson Sunrise
  II. Innocence
 III. Carpe Diem
  IV. The Darkest of Winters
   V. Another World
  VI. The Inevitable Summer
 VII. The Crimson Sunset
Another Day
The Silent Man (electric version)
Pull Me Under
Bad (acoustic version (U2))
Learning to Live

Home For The Holidays Volume 3

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2 CDs
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134 min