Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
March 25, 2004
Massey Hall
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Disc 1:
band history video (intro tape)
As I Am
This Dying Soul
The Mirror/The Mirror (reprise)
Beyond This Life (w/ extended improv section)
Hollow Years (w/ extended guitar solo)
Only a Matter of Time

Disc 2:
Endless Sacrifice
Finally Free
New Millennium
Caught in a Web
Another Day
guitar solo
Goodnight Kiss
Solitary Shell
A Passage to Bangkok (Rush)

Disc 3:
Stream of Consciousness
In the Name of God
Dead Poets Society (intro tape)
A Change of Seasons:
    I. The Crimson Sunrise
   II. Innocence
  III. Carpe Diem
  IV. The Darkest of Winters
   V. Another World
  VI. The Inevitable Summer
 VII. The Crimson Sunset

Retracked by Enchantgy with fades

For You The Fans (Retracked)

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3 CDs
Sony minidisc, core sound cardiod mics > soundblaster live> soundforge 7 > DVD-R > enchantgy > cool edit pro > Flacfrontend > FLAC
151 min