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Led Zeppelin
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Alternative Graffiti

Disc 1:
Custard Pie (Alternate Version)
Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix)
Kashmir (Instrumental Version)
In The Light (Alternate Version)
Swan Song (Instrumental Version One)
Swan Song (Instumental Version Two)
Boogie With Stu (Alternate Mix)
Night Flight (Mix Down Session)
Trampled Underfoot (Alternate Mix)
Trampled Underfoot (Double Vocal Mix Long Version)
Wanton Song (Alternate Mix)
Wanton Song (Chicago FM Radio Mix)

Disc 2:
Headley Grange Rehearsal Sessions 1974
Wanton Song (Takes 1-2)
Take Me Home (Takes 1-2)
In The Morning (aka In The Light) (Take 1)
Trampled Underfoot (Takes 1-6)
In The Morning (aka In The Light) (Take 2)
Sick Again
The Rover (Acoustic & Vocal)
In My Time Of Dying

Alternative Graffiti

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2 CDs
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