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Led Zeppelin
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All That Glitters Is Gold

Disc 1:
Headley Grange and some studio 1971
Black Dog (outtake)                 
Four Sticks (instrumental)           
Four Sticks (alternate take)        
Black Dog (rehearsal take 1)      
Black Dog (rehearsal take 2)      
No Quarter (demo)                     
Stairway To Heaven (acoustic demo 1)       
Stairway To Heaven (acoustic demo 2)       
Guitar Improvisations (The Rover ?)           
Stairway To Heaven (acoustic vocal demo)   
Stairway To Heaven (rehearsal take 1)      
The Battle of Evermore (alternate take)        
The Rain Song (original acoustic demo)
Ten Years Gone (acoustic demo)           
Ten Years Gone (electric demo)           
When The Levee Breaks (alternate take 1)      
When The Levee Breaks (alternate take 2)      

Disc 2:
Bombay Session at India 1972
Friends (rehearsal part 1)      
Friends (rehearsal part 2)        
Friends (rehearsal part 3)      
Friends (rehearsal part 4)        
Friends (rehearsal part 5)        
Four Sticks                                        
Friends (vocal take 1)          
Friends (vocal take 2)          
Four Sticks (take 1 & 2)            
Four Sticks (take 2 continue)

All That Glitters Is Gold

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2 CDs
126 min