Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
April 18, 1997
Frankfurt, Germany

Disc 1:
ACoS Part I: The Crimson Sunrise/ ACoS Part II: Innocence
The Mirror/
Burning My Soul '96
Another Hand/ The Killing Hand '96
Just Let Me Breathe
Caught In Alice's 9-Inch Tool Garden
"We Are Van Halen"

Disc 2:
Peruvian Skies
Pull Me Under
Lines In The Sand '96
Take Away My Pain '96
ACoS Part III: Carpe Diem/ ACoS Part IV: The Darkest Winters
The YtseJam
Learning To Lie '96/
Learning To Live '96 (reprise)/ ACoS Part VII: The Crimson Sunset (w/ A Fortune In Lies teaser)
Metropolis Pt 1 (missing)

In Germany

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2 CDs
Original Silvers
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132 min