Audio Recordings

Led Zeppelin
July 17, 1973
Seattle Center Coliseum
Seattle, Washington, United States
North American Tour 1973

Disc 1:
Rock And Roll
Celebration Day
Black Dog
Over The Hills And Far Away
Misty Mountain Hop
Since I've Been Loving You
No Quarter

Disc 2:
The Song Remains The Same
The Rain Song (small cut)
Dazed And Confused
Stairway To Heaven

There's a small cut due to a tape flip at 1.55 into 'The Rain Song' and the overall sound improves from then onward.
The speed and pitch was perfectly fixed before this source was put in circulation.

2 CDs
Dadgad Productions
Soundboard (low generation)
SBD > Unverified Analogue LowGen > DAT(n) > FLAC > A.A. 3.0
114 min