Audio Recordings

Dream Theater
July 3, 2010
Molson Amphitheater
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Black Clouds and Silver Linings - 2nd North American Leg

Pull Me Under (cut)

This is only about 7 minutes of recording that I was able to capture. I entered the place and the lineup was huge. Dream Theater already started playing their set, it sucked that I was unable to tape the whole set because of the huge lineup even though I showed up early. When I did get to my set, I set up my equipment and managed to record whatever I could because I know there are people here who have been asking for someone to tape Dream Theater. Sorry about the little recording, but it was the best I could do. Something is better than nothing eh? The sound is not so good, it is listenable, I kept the device in my pocket which made the sound muffled - didn't do this on purpose, I was setting up my camera & security was everyone, so I just kept it in my pocket. I did manage to tape Iron Maiden & the sound was very good since I was all setup.

1 CD
Audience Master
iRiver H10
Iriverh10 with rockbox > firewire > wav 44k/16bit > nero wav editor > tlh > flac level 8
8 min