Video Recordings


EXPerience Hendrix
November 17, 2010
Taft Theater
Cincinnati, Ohio, United States
EXPerience Hendrix 2010 Fall Tour
1 Blu-ray Disc
Finatic Master Series (FMS-010)
Digital Audience Master
Finatic (video), Elvis Hitler (audio)
Sony TG1 (HD/SP mode), Sony PCM-M10
171 min

Stone Free
Message to Love
Power of Soul
Crosstown Traffic
House Burning Down
Burning of the Midnight Lamp
Are You Experienced?
If 6 Was 9
Spanish Castle Magic
One Rainy Wish
Can You See Me
Little Wing
Hey Joe
Purple Haze
Them Changes
All Along the Watchtower
Wind Cries Mary
I Dont Live Today
Come On
Voodoo Child
Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
May This Be Love
Foxey Lady
Red House

Cox/ Lang/ Whitford/ Layton perform "Fire" on The Tonight Show


Performance Roster for this show:
Billy Cox, Steve Vail, Jonny Lang, Susan Tedeschi, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Noah Hunt, Robert Randolf, Eric Johnson, Brad Whitford, Cesar Rosas, David Hidalgo, Living Colour, Chris Layton, Ernie Isley, Mato Nanji, The Slide Brothers and special guest Bootsy Collins.

Recording Notes:
Partial obstruction/heads for the first 70min.  I had much better seats for this show but impossible to tape from so I moved to the very last row where I have shot a few other Taft Theater shows.  There was a fair amount of foot traffic in my area for the first hour or so and so an usher was standing nearby which really prevented me from trying to zoom in on any of the first hour of the gig.  A couple people take their seats and blocks the lower part of the frame.  Eventually everything settles down and I was able to move to a different spot and be able to zoom in on the action.  I still had to be concerned with a back door where the ushers come in and out of so I wasnt able to go hog wild with the zooming.  At one point the usher reappeared in my area and just took in the show for awhile.  There are two breaks in the video for battery changes, instead of cutting the music I just added in some photos gathered off the web regarding the tour.  I did miss a very good solo or two when Susan Tedeschi was on stage, very attractive!

Elvis Hitler had trouble with the Core Sound Binaural mic and finally pulled that mic and used the recorders built in mic and then did some tweaking with Vegas6. This accounts for the very low audio during Janie Hendrix's greeting.  I used my camera mic at a reduced level to mix with the recorded audio to add some low end to the overall sound.