Video Recordings


xxxx, 1967
Sgt. Peppers Magical Mystery Tour 1967
Sgt. Peppers Magical Mystery Tour 1967
112 min

June thru December, 1967! Sgt Pepper Promo video
6/9 Paul's LSD interview
6/25 Our World broadcast of All You Need is Love with intro and outro
All You Need is Love color version
7/67 John's Rolls Royce
7/27 Julian's Caravan
7/22-30 Greek Holiday Color Home Movies (3 sources)
7/31 London Airport
8/20 Jason is Born (2 sources)
8/24 London Hilton (2 sources)
8/25 Euston Train Station & Bangor Arrival (many sources)
8/26 Bangor
8/27 Brian's Death: London
Paul & Jane leave Bangor
John, George & Ringo interview (multiple sources)
9/13 Southwest at 6 Report on MMT
9/13 Plymouth raw footage ( 2 sources)
9/13 Holywell Color Home Movies
9/13 Newquay Color Home Movies
9/15 Bus Ride
9/24 Your Mother Should Know with raw footage
9/67 Beatles Cartoon Intro
Penny Lane Strawberry Fields and outro
9/29 David Frost Show Clips (many sources)
10/27 New London Synagogue
2 How I Won The War Trailers
10/18 London Premiere of the movie (3 sources)
10/67 9 min Man Behind the Beatles Richard Lester Documentary,
0/29 Paul in Nice, France
11/17 TVC Studios
11/21 Step Inside Love Rehearsal with Paul & Cilla with original rehearsal audio! 11/26 Ed Sullivan show with Hello Goodbye #1 (Sgt. Pepper costumes) remaster, Hello Goodbye #2 (mod clothes), Hello Goodbye #3 (the boys clown around and in collarless suits), Hello Goodbye 1993 ( Mod clothes, blue border and different stereo mix), Hello Goodbye 2000 (Sgt Pepper costumes with Mod clothes ending and clowning around and yet another different stereo mix!)
12/4 Royal Art Institute (2 sources)
12/5 Apple Boutique Opening (3 sources), Magical Mystery Tour Trailer, I AM The Walrus with outtake footage and Beat Club
12/67 with Beatles in the charts!